Providing resources for people with disabilities since 1949

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Eastern Connecticut was founded in 1949 by a dedicated group of local parents committed to develop programs for their children with Cerebral Palsy. These parents brought awareness and hope for a better future for their children and people with disabilities. This was the cornerstone for the development of a nationwide network of affiliates who strive to ensure the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in every facet of society.

Our programs continue to evolve to meet the needs of people with disabilities in Connecticut. At UCP of Eastern CT we develop methods, procedures and assistive technology to maximize the full inclusion of people with all levels of disabilities into society. This includes jobs for people with disabilities, independent living, family support, and social self-sufficiency.

Today, UCP of Eastern Connecticut has grown its dedicated team to include disability support workers, counselors, supervisors, managers and disability advocates. They now serve more than 350 people with disabilities and their families in Connecticut.


We are more than our name!
80% of those we serve have disabilities other than Cerebral Palsy.