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Upcoming Events

Life Without Limits Art Exhibit

Groton – New London Airport, 155 Tower Ave, Groton, CT
June 1 through August 30, 2018

United Cerebral Palsy of Eastern CT celebrating kicked off their new art exhibit on June 25, 2018: Life Without Limits. The show is part of the Art in the Airport Program; a Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition and Connecticut Airport Authority collaboration aimed at providing off-site exhibit space that engage community organizations. Partners from all three organizations are pictured in the banner image above.

Life Without Limits highlights a variety of art including mosaic, sculpture, murals and paint on canvas. This work was displayed Monday evening at a successful Artists’ Reception at the Groton-New London Airport, where the exhibit will be on display until August 30, 2018.

The artwork was created by individuals from United Cerebral Palsy’s (UCP) community program for people with disabilities in CT. The artists collaborate with each other and UCP staff members to create one piece of artwork every year that gets displayed at a public art forum in New London called Hygienic Art. The Life Without Limits Exhibit is a compilation of this artwork over the last eight years.

“People participate in any way they can, whether it’s coming up with the initial concept to making choices about a paint color using an eye gaze. The art program at UCP helps each person express his or her unique talents in a way that’s accessible to each person. The arts can bring joy along with a sense of organization and accomplishment to their world,” said Jennifer Keatley, UCP Executive Director.

Southeastern CT Cultural Coalition Executive Director Wendy Bury added, “This new program is a wonderful way to embed local art in a non-traditional venue. It gives artists and community organizations like UCP exposure to new audiences while brightening the airport and offering visitors a dynamic array of artwork by local and regional artists. It’s exciting to be part of this partnership.”

UCP Artwork from Life Without Limits art Exhibit

Life Without Limits Art Exhibit

June 1 — August 30