Assessments, training and job placements for people with disabilities in Connecticut.

Helping students and adults find competitive employment; and local businesses foster workplace inclusion.

At UCP of Eastern CT, we partner with local businesses in our community to recruit, hire, and train employees with disabilities in Connecticut. Our team works with companies to create customized positions that foster future growth, career advancement, competitive wages and benefits to people in our program.

Businesses, like Mohegan Sun, discover how their companies can benefit from inclusive and diversified workforce environments when we connect qualified employees with the skill-sets to meet their needs.

The following range of employment services for people with disabilities in Eastern Connecticut support job seekers from their initial steps, through follow along services after job placement.


  1. Identify the individual’s interests
  2. Provide employment assessments
  3. Job placement
  4. On-the-job training
  5. Job coaching
  6. Transportation
  7. Ongoing supported employment

Discover our new internship program — Project SEARCH

UCP, DDS and Backus Hospital — partnering to train interns with disabilities for competitive work settings. LEARN MORE>>>

Proect SEARCH Internship Program in partnership UCP with Backus Hospital