Independent living and accessible housing for people with disabilities in Connecticut.

Helping people live independently at home and in the community.

Our residential program for people with disabilities in CT with medical, developmental or physical disabilities helps people live independent lives in a variety of home settings and the community, including:

  • CT accessible apartments for people with disabilities
  • Subsidized housing in Connecticut
  • Supported living with personal supports
  • People living in their own homes

UCP’s in-home support systems further increase independence by offering assistance with daily living skills and activities. Our team strives to make all service decisions based on each person’s preferred lifestyle, providing them the freedom to tailor program elements.

Individuals also receive help to access and interface with other support agencies in Connecticut as well as national organizations Many people we serve opt to live in a cluster setting, where they receive overnight emergency support, 365 days a year. These independent living services help people with disabilities in Connecticut attain a maximum level of independence.


  • Meal preparation
  • Preparing for the workday
  • Maintaining employment
  • Money management
  • Domestic & life skills
  • Medication oversight
  • Healthcare coordination


  • Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Assistance with medical appointments
  • Leisure & recreational activities
  • Community participation