Our AT Programs can be delivered on site — at your school, in your workplace or at your home, delivered by our skilled Assistive Technology Specialists.

At The UCP Assistive Technology Center, we believe in personalizing our programs to meet your specific needs.

For teachers and special educators, that may mean a visit to your school to provide you with a demonstration of our AT products, so you can judge what’s right for your students. You are also welcome to visit our Assistive Technology Center here in Waterford, Connecticut, where you can see and demo our products for free, if you’re a member of ATLAS.

Become a Member Today:  ATLAS Center Membership Application

For people in the workplace, it might mean an on-site evaluation, to ensure a proper fit for your new technology, which will make a difference in how you perform tasks and adjust to your employment setting.

If you’re an individual with disabilities in CT and it’s difficult for you to travel, we can make arrangements to meet you in your own home. We serve people throughout Connecticut with a wide variety of disabilities in these markets.



Assistive Technology in school settings typically apply to computer hardware, software and electronic devices. Other examples include weighted pencils, adaptive seats and organizers. These tools help teachers and special educators support their students with disabilities to help them reach their potential, increase engagement and boost confidence.


For individuals with disabilities in CT’s workforce, assistive technology offers accommodations at work to help employees access competitive, integrated employment. This innovative technology supports employees with disabilities in CT by enabling them to perform tasks they might not have been able to do, as well as adapt and transition to different workplace settings and needs.


For people living with disabilities in Eastern CT, who need support at home, our tools and devices enable them to remain living safely, functionally and comfortably in their own homes. Examples include environmental controls, vibrating alarm clocks, money readers and medication management tools.