The UCP Bette’s Bounty Food Pantry serves people with disabilities and their families in Eastern CT.

Our food bank also offers volunteer opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn new job skills.

The pantry is located at 42 Norwich Road in Quaker Hill. (Click here for directions)
Open Monday – Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm by appointment.

The new UCP Food Pantry is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges confronting people with disabilities in our community. 

The pantry’s mission aims to bridge this gap by offering a variety of nutritious food options and essentials. It is accessible to individuals with disabilities through appointment-based operations to ensure a safe and inclusive environment. UCP’s dedicated team provides support, guidance and a caring atmosphere.

One point of distinction for the UCP Food Pantry is that it serves only people with disabilities and their families in Eastern CT. At the same time, it offers individuals with disabilities job skills. To that end, the Food Pantry provides opportunities for Individuals with disabilities the opportunity to learn and practice essential employment skills while contributing to a worthy cause. The Food Pantry initiative is managed under UCP’s Supported Employment Transition Program and provides much-needed job support to those facing disabilities. Its mission highlights the profound benefits of gainful employment for this community.

Employment is a transformative experience for individuals with disabilities, granting them the chance to build self-confidence, independence and financial stability. By participating in the food pantry initiative, program members gain valuable work experience, hone communication and problem-solving skills and develop a sense of purpose.

Beyond personal growth, the initiative fosters inclusivity and raises awareness about the capabilities of people with disabilities. UCP is committed to creating a more equitable society by promoting employment opportunities that empower individuals with disabilities while helping to alleviate food insecurity.

UCP is currently taking food donations for the following items: 

  • peanut butter
  • pasta (preferably whole grain)
  • rice (preferably brown rice)
  • canned goods including soups, fruit, vegetables, stew, canned fish and beans
  • personal care and cleaning supplies

UCP is a United Way of Southeastern CT partner agency committed to the mission of providing nourishment, hope and support to those in need.

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To Schedule Appointments Call 860.968.3663 (860-968-FOOD)

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In August 2022, the community of Montville and the broader world lost a remarkable individual, Marion “Bette” Alfiero, at the age of 92. According to all who knew her, Bette’s life was characterized by kindness, compassion, and an unwavering love for people facing special challenges. Bette and her late husband, Sam, and their daughter, BethAnne resided in the Montville area for many years. Bette was a beloved teacher’s assistant in the Montville Public School System, known to all her students as “Mrs. A.” Her favorite colors were lavender and purple, her home was adorned with elephant figurines, reflecting her special affection for these majestic creatures. Her heart was open to everyone, and she had a particular fondness for people with disabilities. Bette’s story of empathy continues through her legacy, which she entrusted to UCP.