Individualized Day Vocational (IDV Program) & Individual Supported Employment (ISE)

UCP recognizes that employment is an important part of living a full, meaningful life. UCP’s goal for employment is to be creative and persistent in providing supports that help people with intellectual disabilities to find, get and keep a job with competitive pay. UCP believes that communities value people who contribute, and everyone has something to contribute.

Participants in the IDV and ISE programs will work one on one with Direct Support Specialists, with direct services taking place primarily in the community. These programs have an enhanced focus on assisting the individual to obtain employment in the community. The participant and Direct Support Specialist will work closely together to assess the participants interests, skills and abilities and then pursue employment based on those skills and interests. Individuals are assisted in identifying potential employment opportunities in the community, completing applications and are supported through the interview process, then acclimated to the new job setting  with ongoing support provided to the employee and employer.

Contact Jon Maderia, Director of Employment Services at (860)443-3800 ext 118 for more information on our Employment Programs.

For more information on the Vocational Programs offered at UCP, contact

Jon Maderia

(860)443-3800 ext 118