Life’s Unexpected Gifts

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Featured in the Connecticut Family Magazine this fall, was Santina and her son, Gabriel. This beautiful young family shared the financial hardships that all families with children with special needs face. Santina was also able to share the incredible journey that she and Gabriel have begun. From state agencies to school systems, even local fire departments, Santina and Gabriel have learned that it never hurts to ask when she recounted the day that she called her local fire department to inquire about any activities they could assist with for Gabriel’s birthday. The Old Saybrook Fire Department stepped up and saved the day, coming to his home and giving him a once in a lifetime chance to ride in a fire truck! 

Although every day has something special in it, Santina is no stranger to the battles that parents and families face within in CT for services, funding and assistance. Read more about their incredible journey by following the link below. 

Click the link to read the story in its entirety. Connecticut Family Magazine Fall 2014