Job programs for adults with disabilities in Connecticut.

Helping people with disabilities explore, plan and manage their careers.

UCP offers a variety of employment services for students transitioning to the workforce or adults.  Our Adult Transition Services, Customized Employment and Individualized Vocational Services meets individuals where they are in their exploration for entering the workforce.

Adult Transition Services is group supported employment. Our program offers, self and career exploration along with career planning and management.

Customized Employment, an alternative method of finding competitive integrated employment, connects workers with the unmet needs of employers. The program is highly structured, with a focus on individuals’ strengths, skills and abilities.

Individualized Vocational Services helps people with disabilities identify potential employment opportunities in their communities. Support includes completing applications, interviewing skills, and job coaching.

Obtaining real work for real pay is the most desired outcome for individuals with a disability. They want to contribute to their local community, develop relationships and be productive members of society. To explore these opportunities, UCP takes our program participants to visit various job sites, so they can discover what they might like to do and begin to plan their own career development path.

Our employment program also serves people in the Individualized Day Vocational (IDV) & Individual Supported Employment (ISE) Programs in the state. Our goal is to provide supports for people with intellectual disabilities in CT to help them discover and maintain jobs with competitive pay scales. People in the IDV and ISE programs in CT work one-on-one with our direct support specialists, with direct services primarily taking place in the community. Our team works closely to assess each persons’ interests, skills and abilities to pursue a job match based on their preferences and strengths.


  • Group Supported employment
  • Self-exploration: individual discovers who they are and what they would like to do
  • Career exploration: individuals identify specific careers to match their interests, skills, strengths and values
  • Career planning and management: helps people focus on soft skills, career-specific skills, job searching and job development


  • 1 to 1 Coaching
  • Securing competitive employment
  • Highly structured
  • Focus on skills and abilities
  • Connects workers with employer’s needs


  • Identifying potential employment opportunities in the community
  • Completing applications
  • Support through the interview process
  • Acclimation to the new job setting
  • Job Coaching
  • Ongoing support provided to the employee and employer

UCP helps people explore new opportunities for jobs.