Our AT Programs offer assessments, training, evaluations and demos to provide the right assistive technology for people with disabilities in CT.

Our programs help people with disabilities in Connecticut to be more productive and independent in every day activities such as communication, self-care, education, employment, mobility and recreation. Assistive technology provides a creative way to reduce barriers and increase skills and capabilities in school, at work and at home.

Services can be delivered on site — at your school, in the workplace or at home. Our programs are offered by Assistive Technology Specialists.


  • Daily living and independent living
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Telecommunication
  • Vision and hearing
  • Learning and development
  • Computer access
  • Memory and organization
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Mobility
  • Cognitive function
  • Workplace skills
  • Safety at home

Assistive Technology Programs & Services

  1. Technology consultations: determines your needs.
  2. Certified assessment: reports for school, workplace and independent living.
  3. Trainings and workshops: for professional development and to learn the benefits of assistive technology.
  4. On-site evaluations: in school, at work or at home to address adaptations, augmentative and alternative communication systems, computer access and daily living aids.
  5. Device demonstrations: for professional development familiarize educators and rehabilitative specialists to the fundamentals of assistive technology and the possibilities for an inclusive setting.
  6. The Assistive Technology Demonstration Center: offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to try out our wide variety of AT devices, free of charge. We’re on site at our center to help you compare pricing and save time and money by making an informed decision the first time around. Demonstration’s are by appointment, please call us to schedule your visit.
  7. Loans: device and durable medical equipment loans.
  8. Device trial periods: completed before specific recommendations are made. Input from the individual or family members and caregivers are encouraged to ensure a successful match between the user and the recommended equipment.
  9. Individual training sessions: tailored to each individual’s needs and learning style. The training can occur in the user’s home, school, or work setting.
  10. Financial assistance: offered for low-income individuals and families who qualify for this program.