Our AT Programs offer consultations and evaluations, training, presentations and demos to provide the right assistive technology for people with disabilities in CT.

Our programs help people with disabilities in Connecticut to be more productive and independent in every day activities such as communication, self-care, education, employment, mobility and recreation. Assistive technology provides a creative way to reduce barriers and increase skills and capabilities in school, at work and at home. At UCP of Eastern CT, our programs are offered by professional Assistive Technology Specialists.

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Services can be delivered:

  • At your school
  • In the workplace
  • At your home
  • On-site at UCP of Eastern CT (Waterford, CT location)


  • Daily living and independent living
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Telecommunication
  • Vision and hearing
  • Learning and development
  • Computer access
  • Memory and organization
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Mobility
  • Cognitive function
  • Workplace skills
  • Safety at home

Assistive Technology Programs & Services

  1. Assistive Technology Consultations and Evaluations
    We help determine your specific needs. We provide certified assessment reports for school, workplace and independent living.
  2. Individual Training Sessions
    Our team tailors training to each individual’s needs and learning style. From the purchase of new technology to set up, we provide one-on-one support to help you learn how to use it.
  3. Presentations and Demonstrations
    ATLAS presentations for professional development enables your special educators and rehab specialists to see and handle the latest assistive technology during live demos. With over 250 AT items in our center, we offer 3 Suitcase Demo Packages customized to fit your team’s AT needs. Our sessions are designed to fit your scheduling needs:
    – Hourly (minimum of 3 hours)
    – 12 hour sessions (spread over 2 or more days)
    – 24 hour sessions (spread over 3 or more days)
  4. ATLAS Lending Library
    Our Lending Library offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to try out our wide variety of AT devices, free of charge. The Lending Library is on site at our Waterford, CT location. Our AT Specialists help you compare pricing and save time and money by making an informed decision the first time around. Once you find what you need, sign it out for up to 4 weeks! Demonstration’s are by appointment only.
  5. Special Events
    UCP of Eastern CT Open House is free to all members of the ATLAS Center.