Services throughout all of UCP are always person centered. Supports are designed to meet the needs of the individual and maximize opportunities for independence.

Family, friends and community supports have always been important parts of the development team. We facilitate use of the community services and ensure all individuals have the tools necessary to be successful.

Services that UCP provides include assistance with daily living skills such as meal preparation, preparing for the workday, and medication oversight. UCP will also assist individuals with maintaining employment.

UCP provides financial oversight if requested by the individual or the team.

In addition to aforementioned areas, we also provide assistance in the following:

  • Apartment maintenance
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Medical appointments and the necessary transportation
  • Appropriate social skills and
  • Emergency preparedness

UCP works with physicians, dentists and other community health providers to ensure that all areas of care are followed up with in a timely manner.

These supports are provided to maximize opportunities for independence, while maintaining optimal health and safety.

For more information about Individual Home Supports or Supported Living Program,  contact Director of Residential Services Kim Dantzler at (860)443-3800 ext 301 or email