UCP’s Adult Employment Services & Supports


UCP offers comprehensive and integrated services providing 
job assessment, job training, job placement, and on-the-job coaching for individuals with developmental disabilities. Community employment may take the form of group placement or individual placement.




Obtaining real work for real pay is the most desired outcome for individuals with a disability.
UCP will assist with career development. Career development will consist of:
  • Self-exploration, where the individual discovers who they are and what they would like to do;
  • Career exploration, where individuals identify specific careers that match their interests, skills, strengths, and values; and finally
  • Career planning and management, which includes focusing on soft skills, career-specific skills, job search skills, and job development.
Participants will have opportunities to visit different job sites. Individuals with disabilities want to be active and contributing members of their community and develop social ties and relationships. The Community Employment Service offers employment out in the community in either group placement or individual job placement, and provides on-going job coaching to support the participants in their work.



Helpful resources:


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Director of Employment Services

Jon Maderia

(860)443-3800 X 118