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UCP of Eastern CT Day Programs have continued to develop community partnerships. Participants in UCP’s Day Programs are offered an array of activities designed to help people with developmental disabilities succeed in the community, and are intended for participants who do not have employment as their primary goal.

Site Based Programs include:

·          Self-Advocacy
·        Communication
·        Instructional Classes
·        Community Participation/Service
·        Work Preparation Skills
·          Recreational Activities


For questions on day programs here at UCP of Eastern CT please contact (860)443-3800 ext 125



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Director Day Services

Christine Olbrys

(860)443-3800 ext 125



Quaker Hill Day Program Manager

LaQueshala Pratts

(860)443-3800 ext 212



Old Saybrook Day Program Manager

Amy Owens

(860)443-3800 ext 401