UCP’s Assistive Technology Services Offer Individuals with Disabilities New Options!


The goal of UCP Eastern CT’s Assistive Technology Services is to increase the independence and functional ability of people with disabilities through the use of assistive technology (AT) at work, school, home, or in the community.



Evaluations to be conducted at the individual’s home, work site, school, or other agreed upon setting. Each evaluation is completed by a certified Assistive Technology Specialist. The following areas may be addressed during an evaluation:

  • home adaptations
  • workplace adaptations
  • augmentative and alternative communication systems
  • computer access
  • daily living aids
  • other adaptive equipment for work and independent living

Trials with equipment

Actual trials with equipment that are completed before specific recommendations are made. Input from the individual (and, where appropriate, a family member or caregiver) is considered in order to help ensure a successful match between the user and the recommended equipment.


Follow-up services

Follow up services, including equipment set up and training, are tailored to the individual’s needs and learning style. The training is conducted by an Assistive Technology Specialist and may occur in the user’s home, school, or work setting.


Device Presentations for Professional Development

To introduce and familiarize educators, paraprofessional staff and rehabilitative specialists to the fundamentals of assistive technology and its possibilities in an inclusive setting. 

Presentations cover a broad range of devices, including equipment and software that can assist in:


  • daily living and independent living
  • augmentative and alternative communication
  • telecommunication
  • vision and hearing
  • learning and development
  • computer access
  • switches
  • memory and organization
  • recreation and leisure

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