UCP recently expanded our service offerings to include Employment Services. We provide community-based vocational assessments, individualized job placement, job coaching, and supportive employment for adults with disabilities. We partner with the business community to recruit, hire, and train employees with disabilities. The Employment team works with companies to create customized positions that allow future growth and career advancement, offer competitive wages and benefits, and promote community presence and inclusion.

Through our Employment Services program, businesses discover how their company can benefit from an inclusive and diversified workforce. We connect qualified employees with skill-set that meet the employer’s needs, employers are soon to discover that these employees demonstrate an ability to adapt to different situations. People with disabilities perhaps more than any other group demonstrate these abilities. People with disabilities must think creatively about how to solve problems and accomplish these tasks on a daily basis. In the workplace, this translates to thinking outside the box in creative ways with creative approaches in confronting business challenges. Research has shown that consumers both with and without disabilities favor businesses that employ people with disabilities. Its good business to take social responsibility and this can lead to a well-educated, stable, satisfied work force, a healthy environment, and a thriving community in where we live and work. Not all businesses know how to effectively diversify their workforce, UCP can help.


Employment Services will:

  • Promote community presence and inclusion.

  • Expand and foster individual support networks.

  • Create and support opportunities for community contributions for individuals with significant disabilities.

For more information contact:
Director of Employment Services

Jon Maderia @ (860) 443-3800 x 118